The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation

Putzar L, Goerendt I, Heed T, Richard G, Büchel C, Röder B (2010)
Neuropsychologia 48(7): 2158-2166.

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Campus/VPN Heed et al 2010 The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation.pdf
Putzar, Lisa; Goerendt, Ines; Heed, TobiasUniBi ; Richard, Gisbert; Büchel, Christian; Röder, Brigitte
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Putzar L, Goerendt I, Heed T, Richard G, Büchel C, Röder B. The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation. Neuropsychologia. 2010;48(7):2158-2166.
Putzar, L., Goerendt, I., Heed, T., Richard, G., Büchel, C., & Röder, B. (2010). The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation. Neuropsychologia, 48(7), 2158-2166. doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2010.04.007
Putzar, L., Goerendt, I., Heed, T., Richard, G., Büchel, C., and Röder, B. (2010). The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation. Neuropsychologia 48, 2158-2166.
Putzar, L., et al., 2010. The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation. Neuropsychologia, 48(7), p 2158-2166.
L. Putzar, et al., “The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation”, Neuropsychologia, vol. 48, 2010, pp. 2158-2166.
Putzar, L., Goerendt, I., Heed, T., Richard, G., Büchel, C., Röder, B.: The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation. Neuropsychologia. 48, 2158-2166 (2010).
Putzar, Lisa, Goerendt, Ines, Heed, Tobias, Richard, Gisbert, Büchel, Christian, and Röder, Brigitte. “The neural basis of lip-reading capabilities is altered by early visual deprivation”. Neuropsychologia 48.7 (2010): 2158-2166.
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