Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle

Ocklenburg S, Wolf CC, Heed T, Ball A, Cramer H, Röder B, Güntürkün O (2013)
Frontiers in Psychology 4: 666.

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Ocklenburg, Sebastian; Wolf, Claudia C.; Heed, TobiasUniBi ; Ball, Anna; Cramer, Holger; Röder, Brigitte; Güntürkün, Onur
Frontiers in Psychology
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Ocklenburg S, Wolf CC, Heed T, et al. Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle. Frontiers in Psychology. 2013;4:666.
Ocklenburg, S., Wolf, C. C., Heed, T., Ball, A., Cramer, H., Röder, B., & Güntürkün, O. (2013). Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 666. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00666
Ocklenburg, Sebastian, Wolf, Claudia C., Heed, Tobias, Ball, Anna, Cramer, Holger, Röder, Brigitte, and Güntürkün, Onur. 2013. “Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle”. Frontiers in Psychology 4: 666.
Ocklenburg, S., Wolf, C. C., Heed, T., Ball, A., Cramer, H., Röder, B., and Güntürkün, O. (2013). Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle. Frontiers in Psychology 4, 666.
Ocklenburg, S., et al., 2013. Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, p 666.
S. Ocklenburg, et al., “Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle”, Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 4, 2013, pp. 666.
Ocklenburg, S., Wolf, C.C., Heed, T., Ball, A., Cramer, H., Röder, B., Güntürkün, O.: Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle. Frontiers in Psychology. 4, 666 (2013).
Ocklenburg, Sebastian, Wolf, Claudia C., Heed, Tobias, Ball, Anna, Cramer, Holger, Röder, Brigitte, and Güntürkün, Onur. “Multisensory integration across the menstrual cycle”. Frontiers in Psychology 4 (2013): 666.
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