Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map

Heed T (2014)
Current Biology 24(3): R119-R120.

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Heed T. Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map. Current Biology. 2014;24(3):R119-R120.
Heed, T. (2014). Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map. Current Biology, 24(3), R119-R120. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2013.12.037
Heed, T. (2014). Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map. Current Biology 24, R119-R120.
Heed, T., 2014. Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map. Current Biology, 24(3), p R119-R120.
T. Heed, “Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map”, Current Biology, vol. 24, 2014, pp. R119-R120.
Heed, T.: Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map. Current Biology. 24, R119-R120 (2014).
Heed, Tobias. “Somatosensation: Putting Touch On the Map”. Current Biology 24.3 (2014): R119-R120.
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