Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas

Ciezarek AG, Dunning LT, Jones CS, Noble LR, Humble E, Stefanni SS, Savolainen V (2016)
Genome Biology and Evolution 8(9): 3011-3021.

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Ciezarek, Adam G.; Dunning, Luke T.; Jones, Catherine S.; Noble, Leslie R.; Humble, EmilyUniBi ; Stefanni, Sergio S.; Savolainen, Vincent
Genome Biology and Evolution
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Ciezarek AG, Dunning LT, Jones CS, et al. Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas. Genome Biology and Evolution. 2016;8(9):3011-3021.
Ciezarek, A. G., Dunning, L. T., Jones, C. S., Noble, L. R., Humble, E., Stefanni, S. S., & Savolainen, V. (2016). Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas. Genome Biology and Evolution, 8(9), 3011-3021. doi:10.1093/gbe/evw211
Ciezarek, Adam G., Dunning, Luke T., Jones, Catherine S., Noble, Leslie R., Humble, Emily, Stefanni, Sergio S., and Savolainen, Vincent. 2016. “Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas”. Genome Biology and Evolution 8 (9): 3011-3021.
Ciezarek, A. G., Dunning, L. T., Jones, C. S., Noble, L. R., Humble, E., Stefanni, S. S., and Savolainen, V. (2016). Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas. Genome Biology and Evolution 8, 3011-3021.
Ciezarek, A.G., et al., 2016. Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas. Genome Biology and Evolution, 8(9), p 3011-3021.
A.G. Ciezarek, et al., “Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas”, Genome Biology and Evolution, vol. 8, 2016, pp. 3011-3021.
Ciezarek, A.G., Dunning, L.T., Jones, C.S., Noble, L.R., Humble, E., Stefanni, S.S., Savolainen, V.: Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas. Genome Biology and Evolution. 8, 3011-3021 (2016).
Ciezarek, Adam G., Dunning, Luke T., Jones, Catherine S., Noble, Leslie R., Humble, Emily, Stefanni, Sergio S., and Savolainen, Vincent. “Substitutions in the Glycogenin-1 Gene Are Associated with the Evolution of Endothermy in Sharks and Tunas”. Genome Biology and Evolution 8.9 (2016): 3011-3021.

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