Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals

Cammen KM, Andrews KR, Carroll EL, Foote AD, Humble E, Khudyakov JI, Louis M, McGowen MR, Olsen MT, Van Cise AM (2016)
Journal of Heredity 107(6): 481-495.

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Cammen, Kristina M.; Andrews, Kimberly R.; Carroll, Emma L.; Foote, Andrew D.; Humble, EmilyUniBi ; Khudyakov, Jane I.; Louis, Marie; McGowen, Michael R.; Olsen, Morten Tange; Van Cise, Amy M.
Journal of Heredity
0022-1503, 1465-7333
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Cammen KM, Andrews KR, Carroll EL, et al. Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals. Journal of Heredity. 2016;107(6):481-495.
Cammen, K. M., Andrews, K. R., Carroll, E. L., Foote, A. D., Humble, E., Khudyakov, J. I., Louis, M., et al. (2016). Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals. Journal of Heredity, 107(6), 481-495. doi:10.1093/jhered/esw044
Cammen, Kristina M., Andrews, Kimberly R., Carroll, Emma L., Foote, Andrew D., Humble, Emily, Khudyakov, Jane I., Louis, Marie, McGowen, Michael R., Olsen, Morten Tange, and Van Cise, Amy M. 2016. “Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals”. Journal of Heredity 107 (6): 481-495.
Cammen, K. M., Andrews, K. R., Carroll, E. L., Foote, A. D., Humble, E., Khudyakov, J. I., Louis, M., McGowen, M. R., Olsen, M. T., and Van Cise, A. M. (2016). Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals. Journal of Heredity 107, 481-495.
Cammen, K.M., et al., 2016. Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals. Journal of Heredity, 107(6), p 481-495.
K.M. Cammen, et al., “Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals”, Journal of Heredity, vol. 107, 2016, pp. 481-495.
Cammen, K.M., Andrews, K.R., Carroll, E.L., Foote, A.D., Humble, E., Khudyakov, J.I., Louis, M., McGowen, M.R., Olsen, M.T., Van Cise, A.M.: Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals. Journal of Heredity. 107, 481-495 (2016).
Cammen, Kristina M., Andrews, Kimberly R., Carroll, Emma L., Foote, Andrew D., Humble, Emily, Khudyakov, Jane I., Louis, Marie, McGowen, Michael R., Olsen, Morten Tange, and Van Cise, Amy M. “Genomic Methods Take the Plunge: Recent Advances in High-Throughput Sequencing of Marine Mammals”. Journal of Heredity 107.6 (2016): 481-495.

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