Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers

Sigmundová D, Sigmund E, Badura P, Vokáčová J, Trhlíková L, Bucksch J (2016)
BMC Public Health 16(1): 898.

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Sigmundová, Dagmar; Sigmund, Erik; Badura, Petr; Vokáčová, Jana; Trhlíková, Lucie; Bucksch, JensUniBi
BMC Public Health
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Sigmundová D, Sigmund E, Badura P, Vokáčová J, Trhlíková L, Bucksch J. Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers. BMC Public Health. 2016;16(1): 898.
Sigmundová, D., Sigmund, E., Badura, P., Vokáčová, J., Trhlíková, L., & Bucksch, J. (2016). Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers. BMC Public Health, 16(1), 898. doi:10.1186/s12889-016-3586-8
Sigmundová, D., Sigmund, E., Badura, P., Vokáčová, J., Trhlíková, L., and Bucksch, J. (2016). Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers. BMC Public Health 16:898.
Sigmundová, D., et al., 2016. Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers. BMC Public Health, 16(1): 898.
D. Sigmundová, et al., “Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers”, BMC Public Health, vol. 16, 2016, : 898.
Sigmundová, D., Sigmund, E., Badura, P., Vokáčová, J., Trhlíková, L., Bucksch, J.: Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers. BMC Public Health. 16, : 898 (2016).
Sigmundová, Dagmar, Sigmund, Erik, Badura, Petr, Vokáčová, Jana, Trhlíková, Lucie, and Bucksch, Jens. “Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers”. BMC Public Health 16.1 (2016): 898.

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