Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany

Boltersdorf S, Pesch R, Werner W (2014)
Environmental Pollution 189: 43-53.

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Boltersdorf, StefanieUniBi; Pesch, Roland; Werner, Willy
Environmental Pollution
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Boltersdorf S, Pesch R, Werner W. Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany. Environmental Pollution. 2014;189:43-53.
Boltersdorf, S., Pesch, R., & Werner, W. (2014). Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany. Environmental Pollution, 189, 43-53. doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2014.02.017
Boltersdorf, Stefanie, Pesch, Roland, and Werner, Willy. 2014. “Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany”. Environmental Pollution 189: 43-53.
Boltersdorf, S., Pesch, R., and Werner, W. (2014). Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany. Environmental Pollution 189, 43-53.
Boltersdorf, S., Pesch, R., & Werner, W., 2014. Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany. Environmental Pollution, 189, p 43-53.
S. Boltersdorf, R. Pesch, and W. Werner, “Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany”, Environmental Pollution, vol. 189, 2014, pp. 43-53.
Boltersdorf, S., Pesch, R., Werner, W.: Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany. Environmental Pollution. 189, 43-53 (2014).
Boltersdorf, Stefanie, Pesch, Roland, and Werner, Willy. “Comparative use of lichens, mosses and tree bark to evaluate nitrogen deposition in Germany”. Environmental Pollution 189 (2014): 43-53.

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