People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback

Schindler S, Kißler J (2016)
NeuroImage 134: 160-169.

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Schindler S, Kißler J. People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback. NeuroImage. 2016;134:160-169.
Schindler, S., & Kißler, J. (2016). People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback. NeuroImage, 134, 160-169. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.03.052
Schindler, Sebastian, and Kißler, Johanna. 2016. “People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback”. NeuroImage 134: 160-169.
Schindler, S., and Kißler, J. (2016). People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback. NeuroImage 134, 160-169.
Schindler, S., & Kißler, J., 2016. People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback. NeuroImage, 134, p 160-169.
S. Schindler and J. Kißler, “People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback”, NeuroImage, vol. 134, 2016, pp. 160-169.
Schindler, S., Kißler, J.: People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback. NeuroImage. 134, 160-169 (2016).
Schindler, Sebastian, and Kißler, Johanna. “People matter: Perceived sender identity modulates cerebral processing of socio-emotional language feedback”. NeuroImage 134 (2016): 160-169.

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