Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance

Müller A-K, Chakarov N, Heseker H, Krüger O (2016)
Journal of Animal Ecology 85(3): 774-784.

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Müller, Anna-KatharinaUniBi; Chakarov, Nayden; Heseker, Hanna; Krüger, OliverUniBi
Journal of Animal Ecology
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Müller A-K, Chakarov N, Heseker H, Krüger O. Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2016;85(3):774-784.
Müller, A. - K., Chakarov, N., Heseker, H., & Krüger, O. (2016). Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85(3), 774-784. doi:10.1111/1365-2656.12493
Müller, A. - K., Chakarov, N., Heseker, H., and Krüger, O. (2016). Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance. Journal of Animal Ecology 85, 774-784.
Müller, A.-K., et al., 2016. Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85(3), p 774-784.
A.-K. Müller, et al., “Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance”, Journal of Animal Ecology, vol. 85, 2016, pp. 774-784.
Müller, A.-K., Chakarov, N., Heseker, H., Krüger, O.: Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance. Journal of Animal Ecology. 85, 774-784 (2016).
Müller, Anna-Katharina, Chakarov, Nayden, Heseker, Hanna, and Krüger, Oliver. “Intraguild predation leads to cascading effects on habitat choice, behaviour and reproductive performance”. Journal of Animal Ecology 85.3 (2016): 774-784.

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