Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration

Parise C, Ernst MO (2016)
Nature Communications 7(1): 11543.

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Nature Communications
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Parise C, Ernst MO. Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration. Nature Communications. 2016;7(1): 11543.
Parise, C., & Ernst, M. O. (2016). Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration. Nature Communications, 7(1), 11543. doi:10.1038/ncomms11543
Parise, C., and Ernst, M. O. (2016). Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration. Nature Communications 7:11543.
Parise, C., & Ernst, M.O., 2016. Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration. Nature Communications, 7(1): 11543.
C. Parise and M.O. Ernst, “Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration”, Nature Communications, vol. 7, 2016, : 11543.
Parise, C., Ernst, M.O.: Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration. Nature Communications. 7, : 11543 (2016).
Parise, Cesare, and Ernst, Marc O. “Correlation detection as a general mechanism for multisensory integration”. Nature Communications 7.1 (2016): 11543.

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