Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells

Huser T, Chan J (2015)
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 89: 57-70.

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Huser, ThomasUniBi ; Chan, James
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
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Huser T, Chan J. Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 2015;89:57-70.
Huser, T., & Chan, J. (2015). Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 89, 57-70. doi:10.1016/j.addr.2015.06.011
Huser, Thomas, and Chan, James. 2015. “Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells”. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 89: 57-70.
Huser, T., and Chan, J. (2015). Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 89, 57-70.
Huser, T., & Chan, J., 2015. Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 89, p 57-70.
T. Huser and J. Chan, “Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells”, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, vol. 89, 2015, pp. 57-70.
Huser, T., Chan, J.: Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 89, 57-70 (2015).
Huser, Thomas, and Chan, James. “Raman spectroscopy for physiological investigations of tissues and cells”. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 89 (2015): 57-70.

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