Enter exitrons

Staiger D, Simpson GG (2015)
Genome Biology 16(1): 136.

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Staiger, DorotheeUniBi; Simpson, Gordon G.
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Exitrons are exon-like introns located within protein-coding exons. Removal or retention of exitrons through alternative splicing increases proteome complexity and thus adds to phenotypic diversity.
Genome Biology
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Staiger D, Simpson GG. Enter exitrons. Genome Biology. 2015;16(1): 136.
Staiger, D., & Simpson, G. G. (2015). Enter exitrons. Genome Biology, 16(1), 136. doi:10.1186/s13059-015-0704-3
Staiger, Dorothee, and Simpson, Gordon G. 2015. “Enter exitrons”. Genome Biology 16 (1): 136.
Staiger, D., and Simpson, G. G. (2015). Enter exitrons. Genome Biology 16:136.
Staiger, D., & Simpson, G.G., 2015. Enter exitrons. Genome Biology, 16(1): 136.
D. Staiger and G.G. Simpson, “Enter exitrons”, Genome Biology, vol. 16, 2015, : 136.
Staiger, D., Simpson, G.G.: Enter exitrons. Genome Biology. 16, : 136 (2015).
Staiger, Dorothee, and Simpson, Gordon G. “Enter exitrons”. Genome Biology 16.1 (2015): 136.

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