Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories

Wobbe L, Remacle C (2015)
Journal of Biotechnology 201: 28-42.

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Wobbe, LutzUniBi ; Remacle, Claire
Journal of Biotechnology
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Wobbe L, Remacle C. Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories. Journal of Biotechnology. 2015;201:28-42.
Wobbe, L., & Remacle, C. (2015). Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories. Journal of Biotechnology, 201, 28-42. doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2014.08.021
Wobbe, L., and Remacle, C. (2015). Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories. Journal of Biotechnology 201, 28-42.
Wobbe, L., & Remacle, C., 2015. Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories. Journal of Biotechnology, 201, p 28-42.
L. Wobbe and C. Remacle, “Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories”, Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 201, 2015, pp. 28-42.
Wobbe, L., Remacle, C.: Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories. Journal of Biotechnology. 201, 28-42 (2015).
Wobbe, Lutz, and Remacle, Claire. “Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories”. Journal of Biotechnology 201 (2015): 28-42.

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