tacTiles Media Files

Anlauff J, Grosshauser T, Hermann T (2010)
Bielefeld University.

Anlauff, JanUniBi; Grosshauser, Tobias; Hermann, ThomasUniBi
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In this paper, we present a prototype of a spatially resolved force sensing floor surface. The force sensors are based on conductive paper and grouped into modules called tacTiles. Due to the cheap and widely available materials used for tacTiles, the approach is suitable as a low-cost alternative for spatially resolved tactile sensing. The necessary techniques are shared as an open source and open hardware project to provide an affordable tactile sensing for smart environments. As an interactive application of these tacTiles, we present a detection of step direction algorithm used to count steps into and out of a room. #### Step Detection using tacTiles:
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Anlauff J, Grosshauser T, Hermann T. tacTiles Media Files. Bielefeld University; 2010.
Anlauff, J., Grosshauser, T., & Hermann, T. (2010). tacTiles Media Files. Bielefeld University. doi:10.4119/unibi/2707143
Anlauff, J., Grosshauser, T., and Hermann, T. (2010). tacTiles Media Files. Bielefeld University.
Anlauff, J., Grosshauser, T., & Hermann, T., 2010. tacTiles Media Files, Bielefeld University.
J. Anlauff, T. Grosshauser, and T. Hermann, tacTiles Media Files, Bielefeld University, 2010.
Anlauff, J., Grosshauser, T., Hermann, T.: tacTiles Media Files. Bielefeld University (2010).
Anlauff, Jan, Grosshauser, Tobias, and Hermann, Thomas. tacTiles Media Files. Bielefeld University, 2010.
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Step Detection using tacTiles.
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tacTiles: a low-cost modular tactile sensing system for floor interactions
Anlauff J, Großhauser T, Hermann T (2010)
In: Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Extending Boundaries. New York, NY, USA: ACM: 591-594.


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