Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal

Anastasia K, Katarina F, Morten O, John H, William A, Hoffman J (2014)
Molecular Ecology 23(16): 3999-4017.

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Anastasia, Klimova; Katarina, Fietz; Morten, Olsen; John, Harwood; William, Amos; Hoffman, JosephUniBi
Molecular Ecology
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Anastasia K, Katarina F, Morten O, John H, William A, Hoffman J. Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Molecular Ecology. 2014;23(16):3999-4017.
Anastasia, K., Katarina, F., Morten, O., John, H., William, A., & Hoffman, J. (2014). Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Molecular Ecology, 23(16), 3999-4017. doi:10.1111/mec.12850
Anastasia, K., Katarina, F., Morten, O., John, H., William, A., and Hoffman, J. (2014). Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Molecular Ecology 23, 3999-4017.
Anastasia, K., et al., 2014. Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Molecular Ecology, 23(16), p 3999-4017.
K. Anastasia, et al., “Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal”, Molecular Ecology, vol. 23, 2014, pp. 3999-4017.
Anastasia, K., Katarina, F., Morten, O., John, H., William, A., Hoffman, J.: Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Molecular Ecology. 23, 3999-4017 (2014).
Anastasia, Klimova, Katarina, Fietz, Morten, Olsen, John, Harwood, William, Amos, and Hoffman, Joseph. “Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal”. Molecular Ecology 23.16 (2014): 3999-4017.

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