Action planning with two-handed tools

Herwig A, Massen C (2009)
Psychological Research 73: 727-740.

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Herwig, ArvidUniBi; Massen, Cristina
Psychological Research
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Herwig A, Massen C. Action planning with two-handed tools. Psychological Research. 2009;73:727-740.
Herwig, A., & Massen, C. (2009). Action planning with two-handed tools. Psychological Research, 73, 727-740. doi:10.1007/s00426-008-0176-0
Herwig, A., and Massen, C. (2009). Action planning with two-handed tools. Psychological Research 73, 727-740.
Herwig, A., & Massen, C., 2009. Action planning with two-handed tools. Psychological Research, 73, p 727-740.
A. Herwig and C. Massen, “Action planning with two-handed tools”, Psychological Research, vol. 73, 2009, pp. 727-740.
Herwig, A., Massen, C.: Action planning with two-handed tools. Psychological Research. 73, 727-740 (2009).
Herwig, Arvid, and Massen, Cristina. “Action planning with two-handed tools”. Psychological Research 73 (2009): 727-740.

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