Liebe – ein Tausch?

Beher S (2014)
Soziale Welt 65(1): 75-+.

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Love - an exchange relationship?
Abstract / Bemerkung
In modern society, intimate relationships are generally seen as irrational and selfless; nevertheless, they are often described in terms of exchange in social sciences. According to theories of differentiation and exchange, this article is trying to assess the plausibility of exchange metaphors for the explanation of intimate relationships in the face of contradictions in the empirical research with exchange assumptions (I). For this reason, exchange concepts (II) are confronted with the modern semantic of love (III), with martial and long-term relationships (IV) and with the early phase of beginning relationships (V). Many inconsistencies between the principle of exchange and the modern conception of love are found, but also some possibilities to explain long-term relationships and even more the first contacts made to indicate a relationship in the light of exchange theory. Especially this last constellation is able to kindle love on the basis of uncertain reciprocity.
Soziale Welt
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Beher S. Liebe – ein Tausch? Soziale Welt. 2014;65(1):75-+.
Beher, S. (2014). Liebe – ein Tausch? Soziale Welt, 65(1), 75-+.
Beher, Stefan. 2014. “Liebe – ein Tausch?”. Soziale Welt 65 (1): 75-+.
Beher, S. (2014). Liebe – ein Tausch? Soziale Welt 65, 75-+.
Beher, S., 2014. Liebe – ein Tausch? Soziale Welt, 65(1), p 75-+.
S. Beher, “Liebe – ein Tausch?”, Soziale Welt, vol. 65, 2014, pp. 75-+.
Beher, S.: Liebe – ein Tausch? Soziale Welt. 65, 75-+ (2014).
Beher, Stefan. “Liebe – ein Tausch?”. Soziale Welt 65.1 (2014): 75-+.

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