The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample

Potthast N, Neuner F, Catani C (2014)
Addictive Behaviors 39(5): 949-958.

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Studies reporting a link between child maltreatment and addiction have typically focused on physical and sexual abuse. In contrast, emotional maltreatment has rarely been studied in substance-abusing samples although it is associated with a wide range of dysfunction. The current study aimed to determine the specific impact of different types of maltreatment and peer victimization on alcohol dependence and to examine the potentially mediating role of psychopathology. A sample of treatment seeking adults with alcohol dependence (N = 72) underwent an extensive clinical examination including both a standardized interview and self-report measures. Child maltreatment, peer victimization, severity of alcohol dependence, and general psychopathology were assessed. Regression analyses revealed that emotional maltreatment was the strongest predictor of alcohol dependence severity whereas a unique contribution of peer victimization was not found. Our findings suggest that emotional maltreatment might have a major role in the etiology of AD that seems to exceed the contribution of other abuse and victimization experiences. Thereby, the study underscores the need for considering child maltreatment experiences in the prevention and treatment of AD. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Child abuse; Alcohol dependence; Substance use problems; Early traumatization; Emotional maltreatment; Neglect
Addictive Behaviors
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Potthast N, Neuner F, Catani C. The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample. Addictive Behaviors. 2014;39(5):949-958.
Potthast, N., Neuner, F., & Catani, C. (2014). The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample. Addictive Behaviors, 39(5), 949-958. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2014.01.015
Potthast, Nadine, Neuner, Frank, and Catani, Claudia. 2014. “The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample”. Addictive Behaviors 39 (5): 949-958.
Potthast, N., Neuner, F., and Catani, C. (2014). The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample. Addictive Behaviors 39, 949-958.
Potthast, N., Neuner, F., & Catani, C., 2014. The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample. Addictive Behaviors, 39(5), p 949-958.
N. Potthast, F. Neuner, and C. Catani, “The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample”, Addictive Behaviors, vol. 39, 2014, pp. 949-958.
Potthast, N., Neuner, F., Catani, C.: The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample. Addictive Behaviors. 39, 949-958 (2014).
Potthast, Nadine, Neuner, Frank, and Catani, Claudia. “The contribution of emotional maltreatment to alcohol dependence in a treatment-seeking sample”. Addictive Behaviors 39.5 (2014): 949-958.

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