Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection

Appelhagen I, Thiedig K, Nordholt N, Schmidt N, Huep G, Sagasser M, Weisshaar B (2014)
Planta 240(5): 955-970.

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MAIN CONCLUSION: We present a comprehensive overview on flavonoid-related phenotypes of A. thaliana tt and tds mutants, provide tools for their characterisation, increase the number of available alleles and demonstrate that tds3 is allelic to tt12 and tds5 to aha10. Flavonoid biosynthesis is one of the best-studied secondary metabolite pathways in plants. In the model system Arabidopsis thaliana it leads to the synthesis of three phenolic compound classes: flavonol glycosides, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins (PAs). PAs appear brown in their oxidised polymeric forms, and most A. thaliana mutants impaired in flavonoid accumulation were identified through screens for lack of this seed coat pigmentation. These mutants are referred to as transparent testa (tt) or tannin-deficient seed (tds). More than 20 mutants of these types have been published, probably representing most of the genes relevant for PA accumulation in A. thaliana. However, data about the genes involved in PA deposition or oxidation are still rather scarce. Also, for some of the known mutants it is unclear if they represent additional loci or if they are allelic to known genes. For the present study, we have performed a systematic phenotypic characterisation of almost all available tt and tds mutants and built a collection of mutants in the genetic background of the accession Columbia to minimise effects arising from ecotype variation. We have identified a novel tt6 allele from a forward genetic screen and demonstrated that tds3 is allelic to tt12 and tds5 to aha10.
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Appelhagen I, Thiedig K, Nordholt N, et al. Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection. Planta. 2014;240(5):955-970.
Appelhagen, I., Thiedig, K., Nordholt, N., Schmidt, N., Huep, G., Sagasser, M., & Weisshaar, B. (2014). Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection. Planta, 240(5), 955-970. doi:10.1007/s00425-014-2088-0
Appelhagen, Ingo, Thiedig, Katharina, Nordholt, Niclas, Schmidt, Nina, Huep, Gunnar, Sagasser, Martin, and Weisshaar, Bernd. 2014. “Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection”. Planta 240 (5): 955-970.
Appelhagen, I., Thiedig, K., Nordholt, N., Schmidt, N., Huep, G., Sagasser, M., and Weisshaar, B. (2014). Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection. Planta 240, 955-970.
Appelhagen, I., et al., 2014. Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection. Planta, 240(5), p 955-970.
I. Appelhagen, et al., “Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection”, Planta, vol. 240, 2014, pp. 955-970.
Appelhagen, I., Thiedig, K., Nordholt, N., Schmidt, N., Huep, G., Sagasser, M., Weisshaar, B.: Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection. Planta. 240, 955-970 (2014).
Appelhagen, Ingo, Thiedig, Katharina, Nordholt, Niclas, Schmidt, Nina, Huep, Gunnar, Sagasser, Martin, and Weisshaar, Bernd. “Update on transparent testa mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana: characterisation of new alleles from an isogenic collection”. Planta 240.5 (2014): 955-970.

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