Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds

Liker A, Freckleton R, Szekely T (2014)
Current Biology 24(8): 880-884.

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Liker, Andras; Freckleton, Robert; Szekely, TamasUniBi
Current Biology
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Liker A, Freckleton R, Szekely T. Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds. Current Biology. 2014;24(8):880-884.
Liker, A., Freckleton, R., & Szekely, T. (2014). Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds. Current Biology, 24(8), 880-884. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2014.02.059
Liker, A., Freckleton, R., and Szekely, T. (2014). Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds. Current Biology 24, 880-884.
Liker, A., Freckleton, R., & Szekely, T., 2014. Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds. Current Biology, 24(8), p 880-884.
A. Liker, R. Freckleton, and T. Szekely, “Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds”, Current Biology, vol. 24, 2014, pp. 880-884.
Liker, A., Freckleton, R., Szekely, T.: Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds. Current Biology. 24, 880-884 (2014).
Liker, Andras, Freckleton, Robert, and Szekely, Tamas. “Divorce and infidelity are associated with skewed adult sex ratios in birds”. Current Biology 24.8 (2014): 880-884.

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