A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease

Finke K, Myers N, Bublak P, Sorg C (2013)
Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences 368(1628): 20130062.

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Finke, KathrinUniBi; Myers, Nicholas; Bublak, Peter; Sorg, Christian
Abstract / Bemerkung
The common view of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is that of an age-related memory disorder, i.e. declarative memory deficits are the first signs of the disease and associated with progressive brain changes in the medial temporal lobes and the default mode network. However, two findings challenge this view. First, new model-based tools of attention research have revealed that impaired selective attention accompanies memory deficits from early pre-dementia AD stages on. Second, very early distributed lesions of lateral parietal networks may cause these attention deficits by disrupting brain mechanisms underlying attentional biased competition. We suggest that memory and attention impairments might indicate disturbances of a common underlying neurocognitive mechanism. We propose a unifying account of impaired neural interactions within and across brain networks involved in attention and memory inspired by the biased competition principle. We specify this account at two levels of analysis: at the computational level, the selective competition of representations during both perception and memory is biased by AD-induced lesions; at the large-scale brain level, integration within and across intrinsic brain networks, which overlap in parietal and temporal lobes, is disrupted. This account integrates a large amount of previously unrelated findings of changed behaviour and brain networks and favours a brain mechanism-centred view on AD.
cortex; parietal; episodic memory; mild cognitive impairment; visual cognition; functional connectivity; disconnection syndrome
Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences
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Finke K, Myers N, Bublak P, Sorg C. A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences. 2013;368(1628): 20130062.
Finke, K., Myers, N., Bublak, P., & Sorg, C. (2013). A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences, 368(1628), 20130062. doi:10.1098/rstb.2013.0062
Finke, Kathrin, Myers, Nicholas, Bublak, Peter, and Sorg, Christian. 2013. “A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease”. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences 368 (1628): 20130062.
Finke, K., Myers, N., Bublak, P., and Sorg, C. (2013). A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences 368:20130062.
Finke, K., et al., 2013. A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences, 368(1628): 20130062.
K. Finke, et al., “A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease”, Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences, vol. 368, 2013, : 20130062.
Finke, K., Myers, N., Bublak, P., Sorg, C.: A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences. 368, : 20130062 (2013).
Finke, Kathrin, Myers, Nicholas, Bublak, Peter, and Sorg, Christian. “A biased competition account of attention and memory in Alzheimer's disease”. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences 368.1628 (2013): 20130062.

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