Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries

Hänninen O, Knol AB, Jantunen M, Lim T-A, Conrad A, Rappolder M, Carrer P, Fanetti A-C, Kim R, Buekers J, Torfs R, et al. (2014)
Environmental Health Perspectives 122(5): 439-446.

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Hänninen, Otto; Knol, Anne B.; Jantunen, Matti; Lim, Tek-Ang; Conrad, André; Rappolder, Marianne; Carrer, Paolo; Fanetti, Anna-Clara; Kim, Rokho; Buekers, Jurgen; Torfs, Rudi; Iavarone, Ivano
Environmental Health Perspectives
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Hänninen O, Knol AB, Jantunen M, et al. Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2014;122(5):439-446.
Hänninen, O., Knol, A. B., Jantunen, M., Lim, T. - A., Conrad, A., Rappolder, M., Carrer, P., et al. (2014). Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries. Environmental Health Perspectives, 122(5), 439-446. doi:10.1289/ehp.1206154
Hänninen, O., Knol, A. B., Jantunen, M., Lim, T. - A., Conrad, A., Rappolder, M., Carrer, P., Fanetti, A. - C., Kim, R., Buekers, J., et al. (2014). Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries. Environmental Health Perspectives 122, 439-446.
Hänninen, O., et al., 2014. Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries. Environmental Health Perspectives, 122(5), p 439-446.
O. Hänninen, et al., “Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries”, Environmental Health Perspectives, vol. 122, 2014, pp. 439-446.
Hänninen, O., Knol, A.B., Jantunen, M., Lim, T.-A., Conrad, A., Rappolder, M., Carrer, P., Fanetti, A.-C., Kim, R., Buekers, J., Torfs, R., Iavarone, I., Claßen, T., Hornberg, C., Mekel, O.C.L., EBoDE Working Group, the: Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries. Environmental Health Perspectives. 122, 439-446 (2014).
Hänninen, Otto, Knol, Anne B., Jantunen, Matti, Lim, Tek-Ang, Conrad, André, Rappolder, Marianne, Carrer, Paolo, Fanetti, Anna-Clara, Kim, Rokho, Buekers, Jurgen, Torfs, Rudi, Iavarone, Ivano, Claßen, Thomas, Hornberg, Claudia, Mekel, Odile CL., and EBoDE Working Group, the. “Environmental Burden of Disease in Europe: Assessing Nine Risk Factors in Six Countries”. Environmental Health Perspectives 122.5 (2014): 439-446.

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