Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1

Hackmann A, Wu H, Schneider U-M, Meyer K, Jung K, Krebber H (2014)
Nature Communications 5(1): 3123.

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Hackmann, Alexandra; Wu, Haijia; Schneider, Ulla-Maria; Meyer, KatjaUniBi; Jung, Klaus; Krebber, Heike
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Eukaryotic cells have to prevent the export of unspliced pre-mRNAs until intron removal is completed to avoid the expression of aberrant and potentially harmful proteins. Only mature mRNAs associate with the export receptor Mex67/TAP and enter the cytoplasm. Here we show that the two shuttling serine/arginine (SR)-proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1 are key surveillance factors for the selective export of spliced mRNAs in yeast. Their absence leads to the significant leakage of unspliced pre-mRNAs into the cytoplasm. They bind to pre-mRNAs and the spliceosome during splicing, where they are necessary for the surveillance of splicing and the stable binding of the TRAMP complex to spliceosome-bound transcripts. Faulty transcripts are marked for their degradation at the nuclear exosome. On correct mRNAs the SR proteins recruit Mex67 upon completion of splicing to allow a quality controlled nuclear export. Altogether, these data identify a role for shuttling SR proteins in mRNA surveillance and nuclear mRNA quality control.
Nature Communications
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Hackmann A, Wu H, Schneider U-M, Meyer K, Jung K, Krebber H. Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1. Nature Communications. 2014;5(1): 3123.
Hackmann, A., Wu, H., Schneider, U. - M., Meyer, K., Jung, K., & Krebber, H. (2014). Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1. Nature Communications, 5(1), 3123. doi:10.1038/ncomms4123
Hackmann, A., Wu, H., Schneider, U. - M., Meyer, K., Jung, K., and Krebber, H. (2014). Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1. Nature Communications 5:3123.
Hackmann, A., et al., 2014. Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1. Nature Communications, 5(1): 3123.
A. Hackmann, et al., “Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1”, Nature Communications, vol. 5, 2014, : 3123.
Hackmann, A., Wu, H., Schneider, U.-M., Meyer, K., Jung, K., Krebber, H.: Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1. Nature Communications. 5, : 3123 (2014).
Hackmann, Alexandra, Wu, Haijia, Schneider, Ulla-Maria, Meyer, Katja, Jung, Klaus, and Krebber, Heike. “Quality control of spliced mRNAs requires the shuttling SR proteins Gbp2 and Hrb1”. Nature Communications 5.1 (2014): 3123.

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