Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation

Senna I, Bolognini N, Maravita A (2014)
Human Brain Mapping 35(4): 1750-1760.

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Senna, IreneUniBi; Bolognini, Nadia; Maravita, Angelo
Human Brain Mapping
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Senna I, Bolognini N, Maravita A. Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation. Human Brain Mapping. 2014;35(4):1750-1760.
Senna, I., Bolognini, N., & Maravita, A. (2014). Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation. Human Brain Mapping, 35(4), 1750-1760. doi:10.1002/hbm.22289
Senna, Irene, Bolognini, Nadia, and Maravita, Angelo. 2014. “Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation”. Human Brain Mapping 35 (4): 1750-1760.
Senna, I., Bolognini, N., and Maravita, A. (2014). Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation. Human Brain Mapping 35, 1750-1760.
Senna, I., Bolognini, N., & Maravita, A., 2014. Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation. Human Brain Mapping, 35(4), p 1750-1760.
I. Senna, N. Bolognini, and A. Maravita, “Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation”, Human Brain Mapping, vol. 35, 2014, pp. 1750-1760.
Senna, I., Bolognini, N., Maravita, A.: Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation. Human Brain Mapping. 35, 1750-1760 (2014).
Senna, Irene, Bolognini, Nadia, and Maravita, Angelo. “Grasping with the foot: Goal and motor expertise in action observation”. Human Brain Mapping 35.4 (2014): 1750-1760.

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