Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes

Zangana KH, Pineda EM, Schnack J, Winpenny REP (2013)
Dalton Transactions 42(39): 14045-14048.

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Zangana, Karzan H.; Pineda, Eufemio Moreno; Schnack, JürgenUniBi ; Winpenny, Richard E. P.
Abstract / Bemerkung
Three octanuclear phosphonate clusters, formulated as [Ln(8)((O3PBu)-Bu-t)(6)(mu(3)-OH)(2)(H2O)(2)((HOBu)-Bu-i)((O2CBu)-Bu-t)(12)]((NH3Pr)-Pr-i)(2) (Ln = Gd, Dy and Tb), were synthesised by refluxing a mixture of pivalic acid ((HO2CBu)-Bu-t), Ln(NO3)(3)center dot 6H(2)O, tert-Butyl phosphonic acid ((H2O3PBu)-Bu-t) and isopropylamine ((PrNH2)-Pr-i) in isobutyl alcohol (BuOH)-Bu-i.
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Zangana KH, Pineda EM, Schnack J, Winpenny REP. Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes. Dalton Transactions. 2013;42(39):14045-14048.
Zangana, K. H., Pineda, E. M., Schnack, J., & Winpenny, R. E. P. (2013). Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes. Dalton Transactions, 42(39), 14045-14048. doi:10.1039/c3dt52086b
Zangana, K. H., Pineda, E. M., Schnack, J., and Winpenny, R. E. P. (2013). Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes. Dalton Transactions 42, 14045-14048.
Zangana, K.H., et al., 2013. Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes. Dalton Transactions, 42(39), p 14045-14048.
K.H. Zangana, et al., “Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes”, Dalton Transactions, vol. 42, 2013, pp. 14045-14048.
Zangana, K.H., Pineda, E.M., Schnack, J., Winpenny, R.E.P.: Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes. Dalton Transactions. 42, 14045-14048 (2013).
Zangana, Karzan H., Pineda, Eufemio Moreno, Schnack, Jürgen, and Winpenny, Richard E. P. “Octametallic 4f-phosphonate horseshoes”. Dalton Transactions 42.39 (2013): 14045-14048.

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