Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature

Laermann E, Pucci F (2013)
In: PoS(Lattice 2012). 265.

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Symmetries play a distinctive role at the high temperature phase transitionin QCD. Therefore the spectrum of screening masses has been investigated withemphasis on taste breaking. Although taste violation is an UV effect therelevant operators could be temperature dependent. We have studied the mesonscreening masses in the temperature range between 140 MeV to 550 MeV. Thecomputation has been performed using dynamical N_f = 2+1 gauge fieldconfigurations generated with the p4 staggered action. For temperatures belowthe transition an agreement with the prediction of staggered chiralperturbation theory has been found and no temperature effect can be observed onthe taste violation. Above the transition the taste splitting still shows anO(a^2) behavior but with a temperature dependent slope.
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PoS(Lattice 2012)
30th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (Lattice 2012)
Cairns, Australia
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Laermann E, Pucci F. Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature. In: PoS(Lattice 2012). 2013: 265.
Laermann, E., & Pucci, F. (2013). Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature. PoS(Lattice 2012), 265
Laermann, E., and Pucci, F. (2013). “Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature” in PoS(Lattice 2012) 265.
Laermann, E., & Pucci, F., 2013. Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature. In PoS(Lattice 2012). pp. 265.
E. Laermann and F. Pucci, “Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature”, PoS(Lattice 2012), 2013, pp.265.
Laermann, E., Pucci, F.: Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature. PoS(Lattice 2012). p. 265. (2013).
Laermann, Edwin, and Pucci, Fabrizio. “Taste symmetry violation at finite temperature”. PoS(Lattice 2012). 2013. 265.


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