Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy

Ritzefeld M, Walhorn V, Anselmetti D, Sewald N (2013)
Amino Acids 44(6): 1457-1475.

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Protein-DNA interactions are involved in many biochemical pathways and determine the fate of the corresponding cell. Qualitative and quantitative investigations on these recognition and binding processes are of key importance for an improved understanding of biochemical processes and also for systems biology. This review article focusses on atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based single-molecule force spectroscopy and its application to the quantification of forces and binding mechanisms that lead to the formation of protein-DNA complexes. AFM and dynamic force spectroscopy are exciting tools that allow for quantitative analysis of biomolecular interactions. Besides an overview on the method and the most important immobilization approaches, the physical basics of the data evaluation is described. Recent applications of AFM-based force spectroscopy to investigate DNA intercalation, complexes involving DNA aptamers and peptide- and protein-DNA interactions are given.
Amino Acids
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Ritzefeld M, Walhorn V, Anselmetti D, Sewald N. Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy. Amino Acids. 2013;44(6):1457-1475.
Ritzefeld, M., Walhorn, V., Anselmetti, D., & Sewald, N. (2013). Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy. Amino Acids, 44(6), 1457-1475. doi:10.1007/s00726-013-1474-4
Ritzefeld, Markus, Walhorn, Volker, Anselmetti, Dario, and Sewald, Norbert. 2013. “Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy”. Amino Acids 44 (6): 1457-1475.
Ritzefeld, M., Walhorn, V., Anselmetti, D., and Sewald, N. (2013). Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy. Amino Acids 44, 1457-1475.
Ritzefeld, M., et al., 2013. Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy. Amino Acids, 44(6), p 1457-1475.
M. Ritzefeld, et al., “Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy”, Amino Acids, vol. 44, 2013, pp. 1457-1475.
Ritzefeld, M., Walhorn, V., Anselmetti, D., Sewald, N.: Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy. Amino Acids. 44, 1457-1475 (2013).
Ritzefeld, Markus, Walhorn, Volker, Anselmetti, Dario, and Sewald, Norbert. “Analysis of DNA interactions using single-molecule force spectroscopy”. Amino Acids 44.6 (2013): 1457-1475.

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