Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cogollor JM, Hughes C, Ferre M, Rojo J, Hermsdörfer J, Wing A, Campo S (2012)
sensors 12(10): 14214-14231.

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Cogollor, José M.; Hughes, CharmayneUniBi; Ferre, Manuel; Rojo, Javier; Hermsdörfer, Joachim; Wing, Alan; Campo, Sandra
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Cogollor JM, Hughes C, Ferre M, et al. Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation. sensors. 2012;12(10):14214-14231.
Cogollor, J. M., Hughes, C., Ferre, M., Rojo, J., Hermsdörfer, J., Wing, A., & Campo, S. (2012). Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation. sensors, 12(10), 14214-14231. doi:10.3390/s121014214
Cogollor, J. M., Hughes, C., Ferre, M., Rojo, J., Hermsdörfer, J., Wing, A., and Campo, S. (2012). Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation. sensors 12, 14214-14231.
Cogollor, J.M., et al., 2012. Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation. sensors, 12(10), p 14214-14231.
J.M. Cogollor, et al., “Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation”, sensors, vol. 12, 2012, pp. 14214-14231.
Cogollor, J.M., Hughes, C., Ferre, M., Rojo, J., Hermsdörfer, J., Wing, A., Campo, S.: Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation. sensors. 12, 14214-14231 (2012).
Cogollor, José M., Hughes, Charmayne, Ferre, Manuel, Rojo, Javier, Hermsdörfer, Joachim, Wing, Alan, and Campo, Sandra. “Handmade Task Tracking Applied to Cognitive Rehabilitation”. sensors 12.10 (2012): 14214-14231.

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