Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans

Lerche K, Hallmann A (2013)
BMC Biotechnology 13(1): 11.

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UNLABELLED: ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: A fundamental step in evolution was the transition from unicellular to differentiated, multicellular organisms. Volvocine algae have been used for several decades as a model lineage to investigate the evolutionary aspects of multicellularity and cellular differentiation. There are two well-studied volvocine species, a unicellular alga (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) and a multicellular alga with differentiated cell types (Volvox carteri). Species with intermediate characteristics also exist, which blur the boundaries between unicellularity and differentiated multicellularity. These species include the globular alga Eudorina elegans, which is composed of 16-32 cells. However, detailed molecular analyses of E. elegans require genetic manipulation. Unfortunately, genetic engineering has not yet been established for Eudorina, and only limited DNA and/or protein sequence information is available. RESULTS: Here, we describe the stable nuclear transformation of E. elegans by particle bombardment using both a chimeric selectable marker and reporter genes from different heterologous sources. Transgenic algae resistant to paromomycin were achieved using the aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase VIII (aphVIII) gene of Streptomyces rimosus, an actinobacterium, under the control of an artificial promoter consisting of two V. carteri promoters in tandem. Transformants exhibited an increase in resistance to paromomycin by up to 333-fold. Co-transformation with non-selectable plasmids was achieved with a rate of 50 - 100%. The luciferase (gluc) gene from the marine copepod Gaussia princeps, which previously was engineered to match the codon usage of C. reinhardtii, was used as a reporter gene. The expression of gluc was mediated by promoters from C. reinhardtii and V. carteri. Heterologous heat shock promoters induced an increase in luciferase activity (up to 600-fold) at elevated temperatures. Long-term stability and both constitutive and inducible expression of the co-bombarded gluc gene was demonstrated by transcription analysis and bioluminescence assays. CONCLUSIONS: Heterologous flanking sequences, including promoters, work in E. elegans and permit both constitutive and inducible expression of heterologous genes. Stable nuclear transformation of E. elegans is now routine. Thus, we show that genetic engineering of a species is possible even without the resources of endogenous genes and promoters.
BMC Biotechnology
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Lerche K, Hallmann A. Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans. BMC Biotechnology. 2013;13(1): 11.
Lerche, K., & Hallmann, A. (2013). Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans. BMC Biotechnology, 13(1), 11. doi:10.1186/1472-6750-13-11
Lerche, K., and Hallmann, A. (2013). Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans. BMC Biotechnology 13:11.
Lerche, K., & Hallmann, A., 2013. Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans. BMC Biotechnology, 13(1): 11.
K. Lerche and A. Hallmann, “Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans”, BMC Biotechnology, vol. 13, 2013, : 11.
Lerche, K., Hallmann, A.: Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans. BMC Biotechnology. 13, : 11 (2013).
Lerche, Kai, and Hallmann, Armin. “Stable nuclear transformation of Eudorina elegans”. BMC Biotechnology 13.1 (2013): 11.
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