A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy

Liu J, Lukose B, Shekhah O, Arslan HK, Weidler P, Gliemann H, Braese S, Grosjean S, Godt A, Feng X, Muellen K, et al. (2012)
Scientific Reports 2(1): 921.

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Liu, Jinxuan; Lukose, Binit; Shekhah, Osama; Arslan, Hasan Kemal; Weidler, Peter; Gliemann, Hartmut; Braese, Stefan; Grosjean, Sylvain; Godt, AdelheidUniBi; Feng, Xinliang; Muellen, Klaus; Magdau, Ioan-Bogdan
Abstract / Bemerkung
A novel class of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) has been synthesized from Cu-acetate and dicarboxylic acids using liquid phase epitaxy. The SURMOF-2 isoreticular series exhibits P4 symmetry, for the longest linker a channel-size of 3 x 3 nm(2) is obtained, one of the largest values reported for any MOF so far. High quality, ab-initio electronic structure calculations confirm the stability of a regular packing of (Cu++)(2)-carboxylate paddle-wheel planes with P4 symmetry and reveal, that the SURMOF-2 structures are in fact metastable, with a fairly large activation barrier for the transition to the bulk MOF-2 structures exhibiting a lower, twofold (P2 or C2) symmetry. The theoretical calculations also allow identifying the mechanism for the low-temperature epitaxial growth process and to explain, why a synthesis of this highly interesting, new class of high-symmetry, metastable MOFs is not possible using the conventional solvothermal process.
Scientific Reports
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Liu J, Lukose B, Shekhah O, et al. A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy. Scientific Reports. 2012;2(1): 921.
Liu, J., Lukose, B., Shekhah, O., Arslan, H. K., Weidler, P., Gliemann, H., Braese, S., et al. (2012). A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy. Scientific Reports, 2(1), 921. doi:10.1038/srep00921
Liu, J., Lukose, B., Shekhah, O., Arslan, H. K., Weidler, P., Gliemann, H., Braese, S., Grosjean, S., Godt, A., Feng, X., et al. (2012). A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy. Scientific Reports 2:921.
Liu, J., et al., 2012. A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy. Scientific Reports, 2(1): 921.
J. Liu, et al., “A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy”, Scientific Reports, vol. 2, 2012, : 921.
Liu, J., Lukose, B., Shekhah, O., Arslan, H.K., Weidler, P., Gliemann, H., Braese, S., Grosjean, S., Godt, A., Feng, X., Muellen, K., Magdau, I.-B., Heine, T., Woell, C.: A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy. Scientific Reports. 2, : 921 (2012).
Liu, Jinxuan, Lukose, Binit, Shekhah, Osama, Arslan, Hasan Kemal, Weidler, Peter, Gliemann, Hartmut, Braese, Stefan, Grosjean, Sylvain, Godt, Adelheid, Feng, Xinliang, Muellen, Klaus, Magdau, Ioan-Bogdan, Heine, Thomas, and Woell, Christof. “A novel series of isoreticular metal organic frameworks: realizing metastable structures by liquid phase epitaxy”. Scientific Reports 2.1 (2012): 921.

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