An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA

Widera M, Erkelenz S, Hillebrand F, Krikoni A, Widera D, Kaisers W, Deenen R, Gombert M, Dellen R, Pfeiffer T, Kaltschmidt B, et al. (2013)
Journal of Virology 87(5): 2707-2720.

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Widera, Marek; Erkelenz, Steffen; Hillebrand, Frank; Krikoni, Aikaterini; Widera, DariusUniBi ; Kaisers, Wolfgang; Deenen, René; Gombert, Michael; Dellen, Rafael; Pfeiffer, Tanya; Kaltschmidt, BarbaraUniBi; Münk, Carsten
Journal of Virology
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Widera M, Erkelenz S, Hillebrand F, et al. An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA. Journal of Virology. 2013;87(5):2707-2720.
Widera, M., Erkelenz, S., Hillebrand, F., Krikoni, A., Widera, D., Kaisers, W., Deenen, R., et al. (2013). An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA. Journal of Virology, 87(5), 2707-2720. doi:10.1128/JVI.02755-12
Widera, M., Erkelenz, S., Hillebrand, F., Krikoni, A., Widera, D., Kaisers, W., Deenen, R., Gombert, M., Dellen, R., Pfeiffer, T., et al. (2013). An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA. Journal of Virology 87, 2707-2720.
Widera, M., et al., 2013. An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA. Journal of Virology, 87(5), p 2707-2720.
M. Widera, et al., “An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA”, Journal of Virology, vol. 87, 2013, pp. 2707-2720.
Widera, M., Erkelenz, S., Hillebrand, F., Krikoni, A., Widera, D., Kaisers, W., Deenen, R., Gombert, M., Dellen, R., Pfeiffer, T., Kaltschmidt, B., Münk, C., Bosch, V., Köhrer, K., Schaal, H.: An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA. Journal of Virology. 87, 2707-2720 (2013).
Widera, Marek, Erkelenz, Steffen, Hillebrand, Frank, Krikoni, Aikaterini, Widera, Darius, Kaisers, Wolfgang, Deenen, René, Gombert, Michael, Dellen, Rafael, Pfeiffer, Tanya, Kaltschmidt, Barbara, Münk, Carsten, Bosch, Valerie, Köhrer, Karl, and Schaal, Heiner. “An intronic G-run within HIV-1 intron 2 is critical for splicing regulation of vif-mRNA”. Journal of Virology 87.5 (2013): 2707-2720.

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