From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications

Cronin L, Müller A (2012)
Chemical Society Reviews 41(22): 7333-7334.

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Cronin, Leroy; Müller, AchimUniBi
Chemical Society Reviews
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Cronin L, Müller A. From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications. Chemical Society Reviews. 2012;41(22):7333-7334.
Cronin, L., & Müller, A. (2012). From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications. Chemical Society Reviews, 41(22), 7333-7334. doi:10.1039/c2cs90087d
Cronin, L., and Müller, A. (2012). From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications. Chemical Society Reviews 41, 7333-7334.
Cronin, L., & Müller, A., 2012. From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications. Chemical Society Reviews, 41(22), p 7333-7334.
L. Cronin and A. Müller, “From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications”, Chemical Society Reviews, vol. 41, 2012, pp. 7333-7334.
Cronin, L., Müller, A.: From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications. Chemical Society Reviews. 41, 7333-7334 (2012).
Cronin, Leroy, and Müller, Achim. “From serendipity to design of polyoxometalates at the nanoscale, aesthetic beauty and applications”. Chemical Society Reviews 41.22 (2012): 7333-7334.

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