A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems

Gettinger J, Kiesling E, Stummer C, Vetschera R (2013)
Decision Support Systems 54(2): 976-985.

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Gettinger, Johannes; Kiesling, Elmar; Stummer, ChristianUniBi ; Vetschera, Rudolf
Decision Support Systems
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Gettinger J, Kiesling E, Stummer C, Vetschera R. A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems. Decision Support Systems. 2013;54(2):976-985.
Gettinger, J., Kiesling, E., Stummer, C., & Vetschera, R. (2013). A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems. Decision Support Systems, 54(2), 976-985. doi:10.1016/j.dss.2012.10.023
Gettinger, J., Kiesling, E., Stummer, C., and Vetschera, R. (2013). A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems. Decision Support Systems 54, 976-985.
Gettinger, J., et al., 2013. A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems. Decision Support Systems, 54(2), p 976-985.
J. Gettinger, et al., “A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems”, Decision Support Systems, vol. 54, 2013, pp. 976-985.
Gettinger, J., Kiesling, E., Stummer, C., Vetschera, R.: A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems. Decision Support Systems. 54, 976-985 (2013).
Gettinger, Johannes, Kiesling, Elmar, Stummer, Christian, and Vetschera, Rudolf. “A comparison of representations for discrete multi-criteria decision problems”. Decision Support Systems 54.2 (2013): 976-985.

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