Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal

Baerenfaller K, Bastow R, Benyon J, Brady S, Brendel V, Donaldson S, Dooley R, Forster M, Friesner J, Gifford D, Grotewold E, et al. (2012)
The Plant Cell 24(6): 2248-2256.

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The Plant Cell


Baerenfaller K, Bastow R, Benyon J, et al. Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal. The Plant Cell. 2012;24(6):2248-2256.
Baerenfaller, K., Bastow, R., Benyon, J., Brady, S., Brendel, V., Donaldson, S., Dooley, R., et al. (2012). Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal. The Plant Cell, 24(6), 2248-2256. doi:10.1105/tpc.112.100669
Baerenfaller, K., Bastow, R., Benyon, J., Brady, S., Brendel, V., Donaldson, S., Dooley, R., Forster, M., Friesner, J., Gifford, D., et al. (2012). Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal. The Plant Cell 24, 2248-2256.
Baerenfaller, K., et al., 2012. Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal. The Plant Cell, 24(6), p 2248-2256.
K. Baerenfaller, et al., “Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal”, The Plant Cell, vol. 24, 2012, pp. 2248-2256.
Baerenfaller, K., Bastow, R., Benyon, J., Brady, S., Brendel, V., Donaldson, S., Dooley, R., Forster, M., Friesner, J., Gifford, D., Grotewold, E., Gutierrez, R., Huala, E., Jaiswal, P., Joshi, H., Kersey, P., Liu, L., Loraine, A., Lyons, E., May, S., Mayer, K., McLean, D., Meyers, B., Mueller, L., Muller, R., Muller, H.-M., Ouellette, F., Pires, C., Provart, N., Staiger, D., Stazione, D., Taylor, C., Town, C., Toyoda, T., Vaughn, M., Walsh, S., Ware, D., Weckwerth, W.: Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal. The Plant Cell. 24, 2248-2256 (2012).
Baerenfaller, Katja, Bastow, Ruth, Benyon, James, Brady, Siobhan, Brendel, Voker, Donaldson, Sylvia, Dooley, Rion, Forster, Mark, Friesner, Joanna, Gifford, David, Grotewold, Erich, Gutierrez, Rodrigo, Huala, Eva, Jaiswal, Pankaj, Joshi, Hiren, Kersey, Paul, Liu, Lei, Loraine, Ann, Lyons, Eric, May, Sean, Mayer, Klaus, McLean, Dan, Meyers, Blake, Mueller, Lukas, Muller, Robert, Muller, Hans-Michael, Ouellette, Francis, Pires, Chris, Provart, Nick, Staiger, Dorothee, Stazione, Dan, Taylor, Crispin, Town, Chris, Toyoda, Tetsuro, Vaughn, Matt, Walsh, Sean, Ware, Doreen, and Weckwerth, Wolfram. “Taking the Next Step: Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal”. The Plant Cell 24.6 (2012): 2248-2256.

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