Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production

Larkum AWD, Ross IL, Kruse O, Hankamer B (2012)
Trends in biotechnology 30(4): 198-205.

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Larkum, Anthony W D; Ross, Ian L; Kruse, OlafUniBi ; Hankamer, Ben
Abstract / Bemerkung
Microalgal production technologies are seen as increasingly attractive for bioenergy production to improve fuel security and reduce CO(2) emissions. Photosynthetically derived fuels are a renewable, potentially carbon-neutral and scalable alternative reserve. Microalgae have particular promise because they can be produced on non-arable land and utilize saline and wastewater streams. Furthermore, emerging microalgal technologies can be used to produce a range of products such as biofuels, protein-rich animal feeds, chemical feedstocks (e.g. bioplastic precursors) and higher-value products. This review focuses on the selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for improved biomass and biofuel conversion efficiencies.
Microalgae/chemistry; Industrial Microbiology/methods; Genetic Engineering/methods; Biomass; Biotechnology/methods; Microalgae/metabolism; Biofuels; Microalgae/genetics
Trends in biotechnology
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Larkum AWD, Ross IL, Kruse O, Hankamer B. Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production. Trends in biotechnology. 2012;30(4):198-205.
Larkum, A. W. D., Ross, I. L., Kruse, O., & Hankamer, B. (2012). Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production. Trends in biotechnology, 30(4), 198-205. doi:10.1016/j.tibtech.2011.11.003
Larkum, Anthony W D, Ross, Ian L, Kruse, Olaf, and Hankamer, Ben. 2012. “Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production”. Trends in biotechnology 30 (4): 198-205.
Larkum, A. W. D., Ross, I. L., Kruse, O., and Hankamer, B. (2012). Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production. Trends in biotechnology 30, 198-205.
Larkum, A.W.D., et al., 2012. Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production. Trends in biotechnology, 30(4), p 198-205.
A.W.D. Larkum, et al., “Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production”, Trends in biotechnology, vol. 30, 2012, pp. 198-205.
Larkum, A.W.D., Ross, I.L., Kruse, O., Hankamer, B.: Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production. Trends in biotechnology. 30, 198-205 (2012).
Larkum, Anthony W D, Ross, Ian L, Kruse, Olaf, and Hankamer, Ben. “Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel production”. Trends in biotechnology 30.4 (2012): 198-205.

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