Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy

Fuhrmann A, Getfert S, Fu Q, Reimann P, Lindsay S, Ros R (2012)
Biophysical Journal 102(10): 2381-2390.

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Fuhrmann, Alexander; Getfert, SebastianUniBi; Fu, Qiang; Reimann, PeterUniBi; Lindsay, Stuart; Ros, Robert
Abstract / Bemerkung
Electron-tunneling data suggest that a noncovalently-bonded complex of three molecules, two recognition molecules that present hydrogen-bond donor and acceptor sites via a carboxamide group, and a DNA base, remains bound for seconds. This is surprising, given that imino-proton exchange rates show that basepairs in a DNA double helix open on millisecond timescales. The long lifetime of the three-molecule complex was confirmed using force spectroscopy, but measurements on DNA basepairs are required to establish a comparison with the proton-exchange data. Here, we report on a dynamic force spectroscopy study of complexes between the bases adenine and thymine (A-T, two-hydrogen bonds) and 2-aminoadenine and thymine (2AA-T, three-hydrogen bonds). Bases were tethered to an AFM probe and mica substrate via long, covalently linked polymer tethers. Data for bond-survival probability versus force and the rupture-force distributions were well fitted by the Bell model. The resulting lifetime of the complexes at zero pulling force was similar to 2 s for two-hydrogen bonds (A-T) and similar to 4 s for three-hydrogen bonds (2AA-T). Thus, DNA basepairs in an AFM pulling experiment remain bonded for long times, even without the stabilizing influence of base-stacking in a double helix. This result suggests that the pathways for opening, and perhaps the open states themselves, are very different in the AFM and proton-exchange measurements.
Biophysical Journal
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Fuhrmann A, Getfert S, Fu Q, Reimann P, Lindsay S, Ros R. Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal. 2012;102(10):2381-2390.
Fuhrmann, A., Getfert, S., Fu, Q., Reimann, P., Lindsay, S., & Ros, R. (2012). Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal, 102(10), 2381-2390. doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2012.04.006
Fuhrmann, A., Getfert, S., Fu, Q., Reimann, P., Lindsay, S., and Ros, R. (2012). Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal 102, 2381-2390.
Fuhrmann, A., et al., 2012. Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal, 102(10), p 2381-2390.
A. Fuhrmann, et al., “Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy”, Biophysical Journal, vol. 102, 2012, pp. 2381-2390.
Fuhrmann, A., Getfert, S., Fu, Q., Reimann, P., Lindsay, S., Ros, R.: Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal. 102, 2381-2390 (2012).
Fuhrmann, Alexander, Getfert, Sebastian, Fu, Qiang, Reimann, Peter, Lindsay, Stuart, and Ros, Robert. “Long Lifetime of Hydrogen-Bonded DNA Basepairs by Force Spectroscopy”. Biophysical Journal 102.10 (2012): 2381-2390.

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