Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion

Dale BM, Mcnerney GP, Thompson DL, Hübner W, de los Reyes K, Chuang FYS, Huser T, Chen BK (2011)
Cell Host and Microbe 10(6): 551-562.

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Dale, Benjamin M.; Mcnerney, Gregory P.; Thompson, Deanna L.; Hübner, WolfgangUniBi ; de los Reyes, Kevin; Chuang, Frank Y.S.; Huser, ThomasUniBi ; Chen, Benjamin K.
Cell Host and Microbe
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Dale BM, Mcnerney GP, Thompson DL, et al. Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion. Cell Host and Microbe. 2011;10(6):551-562.
Dale, B. M., Mcnerney, G. P., Thompson, D. L., Hübner, W., de los Reyes, K., Chuang, F. Y. S., Huser, T., et al. (2011). Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion. Cell Host and Microbe, 10(6), 551-562. doi:10.1016/j.chom.2011.10.015
Dale, Benjamin M., Mcnerney, Gregory P., Thompson, Deanna L., Hübner, Wolfgang, de los Reyes, Kevin, Chuang, Frank Y.S., Huser, Thomas, and Chen, Benjamin K. 2011. “Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion”. Cell Host and Microbe 10 (6): 551-562.
Dale, B. M., Mcnerney, G. P., Thompson, D. L., Hübner, W., de los Reyes, K., Chuang, F. Y. S., Huser, T., and Chen, B. K. (2011). Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion. Cell Host and Microbe 10, 551-562.
Dale, B.M., et al., 2011. Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion. Cell Host and Microbe, 10(6), p 551-562.
B.M. Dale, et al., “Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion”, Cell Host and Microbe, vol. 10, 2011, pp. 551-562.
Dale, B.M., Mcnerney, G.P., Thompson, D.L., Hübner, W., de los Reyes, K., Chuang, F.Y.S., Huser, T., Chen, B.K.: Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion. Cell Host and Microbe. 10, 551-562 (2011).
Dale, Benjamin M., Mcnerney, Gregory P., Thompson, Deanna L., Hübner, Wolfgang, de los Reyes, Kevin, Chuang, Frank Y.S., Huser, Thomas, and Chen, Benjamin K. “Cell-to-Cell Transfer of HIV-1 via Virological Synapses Leads to Endosomal Virion Maturation that Activates Viral Membrane Fusion”. Cell Host and Microbe 10.6 (2011): 551-562.

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