Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis

Viefhues M, Eichhorn R, Fredrich E, Regtmeier J, Anselmetti D (2012)
Lab on a Chip 12(3): 485-494.

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Mixing and demixing (separation) are essential tasks in microfluidic devices, which seem to be contrary in nature. Accordingly, completely different strategies and devices are usually employed for their realization. We here present a microfluidic device which is capable of performing both these tasks as it can be operated in either mixing or demixing mode. The mixing and demixing processes are reversible and are accomplished by continuous operation of the device. An asymmetric S-shaped ridge extends over the full width of a microfluidic channel (200 mu m) creating a constriction of 620 nm in height with an aspect ratio of 1 : 500. Appropriate AC and DC voltages generate electrodeless dielectrophoresis at the constriction as well as (linear) electrokinetic driving forces along the channel. These de/mixing parameters can be adapted in real time in such a way that continuous separation and mixing efficiencies of 85-100% can be achieved. As a proof of concept we demonstrate continuous mixing and demixing of polystyrene nanoparticles (20 and 100 nm). The experimental results are complemented by numerical simulations illustrating the particles' motion under the influence of the electrokinetic effects and thermal noise (diffusion). The monolithic one-step fabrication process by soft lithography (with PDMS in our case) will make integration and combination of several mixing and demixing functions into a more complex lab-on-a-chip device possible.
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Viefhues M, Eichhorn R, Fredrich E, Regtmeier J, Anselmetti D. Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip. 2012;12(3):485-494.
Viefhues, M., Eichhorn, R., Fredrich, E., Regtmeier, J., & Anselmetti, D. (2012). Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip, 12(3), 485-494. doi:10.1039/c1lc20610a
Viefhues, M., Eichhorn, R., Fredrich, E., Regtmeier, J., and Anselmetti, D. (2012). Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip 12, 485-494.
Viefhues, M., et al., 2012. Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip, 12(3), p 485-494.
M. Viefhues, et al., “Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis”, Lab on a Chip, vol. 12, 2012, pp. 485-494.
Viefhues, M., Eichhorn, R., Fredrich, E., Regtmeier, J., Anselmetti, D.: Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis. Lab on a Chip. 12, 485-494 (2012).
Viefhues, Martina, Eichhorn, Ralf, Fredrich, Eugenie, Regtmeier, Jan, and Anselmetti, Dario. “Continuous and reversible mixing or demixing of nanoparticles by dielectrophoresis”. Lab on a Chip 12.3 (2012): 485-494.

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