The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System

Krzysteczko P, Münchenberger J, Schäfers M, Reiss G, Thomas A (2012)
Advanced Materials 24(6): 762-766.

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Advanced Materials
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Krzysteczko P, Münchenberger J, Schäfers M, Reiss G, Thomas A. The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System. Advanced Materials. 2012;24(6):762-766.
Krzysteczko, P., Münchenberger, J., Schäfers, M., Reiss, G., & Thomas, A. (2012). The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System. Advanced Materials, 24(6), 762-766. doi:10.1002/adma.201103723
Krzysteczko, P., Münchenberger, J., Schäfers, M., Reiss, G., and Thomas, A. (2012). The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System. Advanced Materials 24, 762-766.
Krzysteczko, P., et al., 2012. The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System. Advanced Materials, 24(6), p 762-766.
P. Krzysteczko, et al., “The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System”, Advanced Materials, vol. 24, 2012, pp. 762-766.
Krzysteczko, P., Münchenberger, J., Schäfers, M., Reiss, G., Thomas, A.: The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System. Advanced Materials. 24, 762-766 (2012).
Krzysteczko, Patryk, Münchenberger, Jana, Schäfers, Markus, Reiss, Günter, and Thomas, Andy. “The Memristive Magnetic Tunnel Junction as a Nanoscopic Synapse-Neuron System”. Advanced Materials 24.6 (2012): 762-766.

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