Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes

van de Linde S, Löschberger A, Klein T, Heidbreder M, Wolter S, Heilemann M, Sauer M (2011)
Nature Protocols 6(7): 991-1009.

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Nature Protocols
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van de Linde S, Löschberger A, Klein T, et al. Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes. Nature Protocols. 2011;6(7):991-1009.
van de Linde, S., Löschberger, A., Klein, T., Heidbreder, M., Wolter, S., Heilemann, M., & Sauer, M. (2011). Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes. Nature Protocols, 6(7), 991-1009.
van de Linde, Sebastian, Löschberger, A., Klein, T., Heidbreder, Meike, Wolter, Steve, Heilemann, Mike, and Sauer, M. 2011. “Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes”. Nature Protocols 6 (7): 991-1009.
van de Linde, S., Löschberger, A., Klein, T., Heidbreder, M., Wolter, S., Heilemann, M., and Sauer, M. (2011). Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes. Nature Protocols 6, 991-1009.
van de Linde, S., et al., 2011. Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes. Nature Protocols, 6(7), p 991-1009.
S. van de Linde, et al., “Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes”, Nature Protocols, vol. 6, 2011, pp. 991-1009.
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van de Linde, Sebastian, Löschberger, A., Klein, T., Heidbreder, Meike, Wolter, Steve, Heilemann, Mike, and Sauer, M. “Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes”. Nature Protocols 6.7 (2011): 991-1009.

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