Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus

Hoffman J, Matson C, Amos W, Loughlin TR, Bickham JW (2006)
Molecular Ecology 15(10): 2821-2832.

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Molecular Ecology


Hoffman J, Matson C, Amos W, Loughlin TR, Bickham JW. Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus. Molecular Ecology. 2006;15(10):2821-2832.
Hoffman, J., Matson, C., Amos, W., Loughlin, T. R., & Bickham, J. W. (2006). Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus. Molecular Ecology, 15(10), 2821-2832. doi:10.1111/j.1365-294x.2006.02991.x
Hoffman, J., Matson, C., Amos, W., Loughlin, T. R., and Bickham, J. W. (2006). Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus. Molecular Ecology 15, 2821-2832.
Hoffman, J., et al., 2006. Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus. Molecular Ecology, 15(10), p 2821-2832.
J. Hoffman, et al., “Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus”, Molecular Ecology, vol. 15, 2006, pp. 2821-2832.
Hoffman, J., Matson, C., Amos, W., Loughlin, T.R., Bickham, J.W.: Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus. Molecular Ecology. 15, 2821-2832 (2006).
Hoffman, Joseph, Matson, C., Amos, W., Loughlin, T.R., and Bickham, J.W. “Deep genetic subdivision within a continuously distributed and highly vagile marine mammal, the Steller’s sea lion Eumetopias jubatus”. Molecular Ecology 15.10 (2006): 2821-2832.

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