Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation

Hoffman J, Dasmahapatra KK, Amos W, Phillips CD, Gelatt TS, Bickham JW (2009)
Molecular Ecology 18(14): 2961-2978.

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Hoffman, JosephUniBi ; Dasmahapatra, K.K.; Amos, W.; Phillips, C. D.; Gelatt, T.S.; Bickham, J.W.
Molecular Ecology
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Hoffman J, Dasmahapatra KK, Amos W, Phillips CD, Gelatt TS, Bickham JW. Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation. Molecular Ecology. 2009;18(14):2961-2978.
Hoffman, J., Dasmahapatra, K. K., Amos, W., Phillips, C. D., Gelatt, T. S., & Bickham, J. W. (2009). Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation. Molecular Ecology, 18(14), 2961-2978.
Hoffman, J., Dasmahapatra, K. K., Amos, W., Phillips, C. D., Gelatt, T. S., and Bickham, J. W. (2009). Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation. Molecular Ecology 18, 2961-2978.
Hoffman, J., et al., 2009. Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation. Molecular Ecology, 18(14), p 2961-2978.
J. Hoffman, et al., “Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation”, Molecular Ecology, vol. 18, 2009, pp. 2961-2978.
Hoffman, J., Dasmahapatra, K.K., Amos, W., Phillips, C.D., Gelatt, T.S., Bickham, J.W.: Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation. Molecular Ecology. 18, 2961-2978 (2009).
Hoffman, Joseph, Dasmahapatra, K.K., Amos, W., Phillips, C. D., Gelatt, T.S., and Bickham, J.W. “Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity at three different genetic markers in a marine mammal metapopulation”. Molecular Ecology 18.14 (2009): 2961-2978.

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