Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal

Hoffman J, Grant SM, Forcada J, Phillips CD (2011)
Molecular Ecology 20(19): 3989-4008.

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Hoffman, JosephUniBi ; Grant, S. M.; Forcada, J.; Phillips, C. D.
Molecular Ecology
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Hoffman J, Grant SM, Forcada J, Phillips CD. Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal. Molecular Ecology. 2011;20(19):3989-4008.
Hoffman, J., Grant, S. M., Forcada, J., & Phillips, C. D. (2011). Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal. Molecular Ecology, 20(19), 3989-4008.
Hoffman, Joseph, Grant, S. M., Forcada, J., and Phillips, C. D. 2011. “Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal”. Molecular Ecology 20 (19): 3989-4008.
Hoffman, J., Grant, S. M., Forcada, J., and Phillips, C. D. (2011). Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal. Molecular Ecology 20, 3989-4008.
Hoffman, J., et al., 2011. Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal. Molecular Ecology, 20(19), p 3989-4008.
J. Hoffman, et al., “Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal”, Molecular Ecology, vol. 20, 2011, pp. 3989-4008.
Hoffman, J., Grant, S.M., Forcada, J., Phillips, C.D.: Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal. Molecular Ecology. 20, 3989-4008 (2011).
Hoffman, Joseph, Grant, S. M., Forcada, J., and Phillips, C. D. “Bayesian inference of a historical genetic bottleneck in a heavily exploited marine mammal”. Molecular Ecology 20.19 (2011): 3989-4008.

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