Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion

Ungermann C, Fischer von Mollard G, Jensen ON, Margolis N, Stevens TH, Wickner W (1999)
JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 145(7): 1435-1442.

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Ungermann, C; Fischer von Mollard, GabrieleUniBi ; Jensen, ON; Margolis, N; Stevens, TH; Wickner, W
Abstract / Bemerkung
Vacuole SNAREs, including the t-SNAREs Vam3p and Vam7p and the V-SNARE Nyv1p, are found in a multisubunit ``cis'' complex on isolated organelles. We now identify the v-SNAREs Vti1p and Ykt6p by mass spectrometry as additional components of the immunoisolated vacuolar SNARE complex. Immunodepletion of detergent extracts with anti-Vti1p removes all the Ykt6p that is in a complex with Vam3p, immunodepletion with anti-Ykt6p removes all the Vti1p that is complexed with Vam3p, and immunodepletion with anti-Nyv1p removes all the Ykt6p in complex with other SNAREs, demonstrating that they are all together in the same cis multi-SNARE complex. After priming, which disassembles the cis-SNARE complex, antibodies to any of the five SNARE proteins still inhibit the fusion assay until the docking stage is completed, suggesting that each SNARE plays a role in docking. Furthermore, vti1 temperature-sensitive alleles cause a synthetic fusion-defective phenotype in our reaction. Our data show that vacuole-vacuole fusion requires a cis-SNARE complex of five SNAREs, the t-SNAREs Vam3p and Vam7p and the v-SNAREs Nyv1p, Vti1p, and Ykt6p.
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Ungermann C, Fischer von Mollard G, Jensen ON, Margolis N, Stevens TH, Wickner W. Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY. 1999;145(7):1435-1442.
Ungermann, C., Fischer von Mollard, G., Jensen, O. N., Margolis, N., Stevens, T. H., & Wickner, W. (1999). Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, 145(7), 1435-1442.
Ungermann, C, Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele, Jensen, ON, Margolis, N, Stevens, TH, and Wickner, W. 1999. “Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion”. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 145 (7): 1435-1442.
Ungermann, C., Fischer von Mollard, G., Jensen, O. N., Margolis, N., Stevens, T. H., and Wickner, W. (1999). Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 145, 1435-1442.
Ungermann, C., et al., 1999. Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, 145(7), p 1435-1442.
C. Ungermann, et al., “Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion”, JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, vol. 145, 1999, pp. 1435-1442.
Ungermann, C., Fischer von Mollard, G., Jensen, O.N., Margolis, N., Stevens, T.H., Wickner, W.: Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY. 145, 1435-1442 (1999).
Ungermann, C, Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele, Jensen, ON, Margolis, N, Stevens, TH, and Wickner, W. “Three v-SNAREs and two t-SNAREs, present in a pentameric cis-SNARE complex on isolated vacuoles, are essential for homotypic fusion”. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 145.7 (1999): 1435-1442.

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