Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER

Dilcher M, Veith B, Chidambaram S, Hartmann E, Schmitt HD, Fischer von Mollard G (2003)
EMBO JOURNAL 22(14): 3664-3674.

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Dilcher, M; Veith, B; Chidambaram, S; Hartmann, E; Schmitt, HD; Fischer von Mollard, GabrieleUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
SNAREs on transport vesicles and target membranes are required for vesicle targeting and fusion. Here we describe a novel yeast protein with a typical SNARE motif but with low overall amino acid homologies to other SNAREs. The protein localized to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and was therefore named Use1p (unconventional SNARE in the ER). A temperature-sensitive use1 mutant was generated. use1 mutant cells accumulated the ER forms of carboxypeptidase Y and invertase. More specific assays revealed that use1 mutant cells were defective in retrograde traffic to the ER. This was supported by strong genetic interactions between USE1 and the genes encoding SNAREs in retrograde traffic to the ER. Antibodies directed against Use1p co-immunoprecipitated the SNAREs Ufe1p, myc-Sec20p and Sec22p, which form a SNARE complex required for retrograde traffic from the Golgi to the ER, but neither Bos1p nor Bet1p (members of the SNARE complex in anterograde traffic to the Golgi). Therefore, we conclude that Use1p is a novel SNARE protein that functions in retrograde traffic from the Golgi to the ER.
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Dilcher M, Veith B, Chidambaram S, Hartmann E, Schmitt HD, Fischer von Mollard G. Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER. EMBO JOURNAL. 2003;22(14):3664-3674.
Dilcher, M., Veith, B., Chidambaram, S., Hartmann, E., Schmitt, H. D., & Fischer von Mollard, G. (2003). Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER. EMBO JOURNAL, 22(14), 3664-3674.
Dilcher, M, Veith, B, Chidambaram, S, Hartmann, E, Schmitt, HD, and Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele. 2003. “Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER”. EMBO JOURNAL 22 (14): 3664-3674.
Dilcher, M., Veith, B., Chidambaram, S., Hartmann, E., Schmitt, H. D., and Fischer von Mollard, G. (2003). Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER. EMBO JOURNAL 22, 3664-3674.
Dilcher, M., et al., 2003. Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER. EMBO JOURNAL, 22(14), p 3664-3674.
M. Dilcher, et al., “Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER”, EMBO JOURNAL, vol. 22, 2003, pp. 3664-3674.
Dilcher, M., Veith, B., Chidambaram, S., Hartmann, E., Schmitt, H.D., Fischer von Mollard, G.: Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER. EMBO JOURNAL. 22, 3664-3674 (2003).
Dilcher, M, Veith, B, Chidambaram, S, Hartmann, E, Schmitt, HD, and Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele. “Use1p is a yeast SNARE protein required for retrograde traffic to the ER”. EMBO JOURNAL 22.14 (2003): 3664-3674.

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