Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete

Sauer J, Hausdorf B (2009)
Evolution 63(10): 2535-2546.

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Sauer, JanUniBi; Hausdorf, Bernhard
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Sauer J, Hausdorf B. Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete. Evolution. 2009;63(10):2535-2546.
Sauer, J., & Hausdorf, B. (2009). Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete. Evolution, 63(10), 2535-2546.
Sauer, Jan, and Hausdorf, Bernhard. 2009. “Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete”. Evolution 63 (10): 2535-2546.
Sauer, J., and Hausdorf, B. (2009). Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete. Evolution 63, 2535-2546.
Sauer, J., & Hausdorf, B., 2009. Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete. Evolution, 63(10), p 2535-2546.
J. Sauer and B. Hausdorf, “Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete”, Evolution, vol. 63, 2009, pp. 2535-2546.
Sauer, J., Hausdorf, B.: Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete. Evolution. 63, 2535-2546 (2009).
Sauer, Jan, and Hausdorf, Bernhard. “Sexual Selection is involved in speciation in a land snail radiation on Crete”. Evolution 63.10 (2009): 2535-2546.

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