Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins

Pannier M, Veit S, Godt A, Jeschke G, Spiess HW (2000)

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Pannier, M; Veit, S; Godt, AdelheidUniBi; Jeschke, G; Spiess, HW
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Pannier M, Veit S, Godt A, Jeschke G, Spiess HW. Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE. 2000;142(2):331-340.
Pannier, M., Veit, S., Godt, A., Jeschke, G., & Spiess, H. W. (2000). Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 142(2), 331-340.
Pannier, M., Veit, S., Godt, A., Jeschke, G., and Spiess, H. W. (2000). Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE 142, 331-340.
Pannier, M., et al., 2000. Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 142(2), p 331-340.
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Pannier, M, Veit, S, Godt, Adelheid, Jeschke, G, and Spiess, HW. “Dead-time free measurement of dipole-dipole interactions between electron spins”. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE 142.2 (2000): 331-340.

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