Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses

Chan JW, Huser T, Risbud S, Krol DM (2001)
Optics Letters 26(21): 1726-1728.

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Chan, J. W.; Huser, ThomasUniBi ; Risbud, S.; Krol, D. M.
Abstract / Bemerkung
Using in situ Raman scattering in a confocal microscopy setup, we have observed changes in the network structure of fused silica after modifying regions inside the glass with tightly focused 800-nm 130-fs laser pulses at fluences of 5-200 J cm(-2). The Raman spectra show a large increase in the peaks at 490 and 605 cm(-1), owing to 4- and 3-membered ring structures in the silica network, indicating that densification occurs after exposure to the femtosecond laser pulses. The results are consistent with the formation of a localized plasma by the laser pulse and a subsequent microexplosion inside the glass. (C) 2001 Optical Society of America.
Optics Letters
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Chan JW, Huser T, Risbud S, Krol DM. Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters. 2001;26(21):1726-1728.
Chan, J. W., Huser, T., Risbud, S., & Krol, D. M. (2001). Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters, 26(21), 1726-1728.
Chan, J. W., Huser, T., Risbud, S., and Krol, D. M. (2001). Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters 26, 1726-1728.
Chan, J.W., et al., 2001. Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters, 26(21), p 1726-1728.
J.W. Chan, et al., “Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses”, Optics Letters, vol. 26, 2001, pp. 1726-1728.
Chan, J.W., Huser, T., Risbud, S., Krol, D.M.: Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters. 26, 1726-1728 (2001).
Chan, J. W., Huser, Thomas, Risbud, S., and Krol, D. M. “Structural changes in fused silica after exposure to focused femtosecond laser pulses”. Optics Letters 26.21 (2001): 1726-1728.

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