Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution

Kraft B, Strous M, Tegetmeyer H (2011)
Journal of Biotechnology 155(1): 104-117.

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Nitrate is a key node in the network of the assimilatory and respiratory nitrogen pathways. As one of the 'fixed' forms of nitrogen, nitrate plays an essential role in both nature and industry. For bacteria, it is both a nitrogen source and an electron acceptor. In agriculture and wastewater treatment, nitrate respiration by microorganisms is an important issue with respect to economics, greenhouse gas emission and public health. Several microbial processes compete for nitrate: denitrification, dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium and anaerobic ammonium oxidation. In this review we provide an up to date overview of the organisms, genes and enzymes involved in nitrate respiration. We also address the molecular detection of these processes in nature. We show that despite rapid progress in the experimental and genomic analyses of pure cultures, knowledge on the mechanism of nitrate reduction in natural ecosystems is still largely lacking. (C) 2011 Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.
DNRA; Nitrate respiration; Denitrification; Nitrogen cycle; Anammox
Journal of Biotechnology
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Kraft B, Strous M, Tegetmeyer H. Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution. Journal of Biotechnology. 2011;155(1):104-117.
Kraft, B., Strous, M., & Tegetmeyer, H. (2011). Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution. Journal of Biotechnology, 155(1), 104-117. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbiotec.2010.12.025
Kraft, Beate, Strous, Marc, and Tegetmeyer, Halina. 2011. “Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution”. Journal of Biotechnology 155 (1): 104-117.
Kraft, B., Strous, M., and Tegetmeyer, H. (2011). Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution. Journal of Biotechnology 155, 104-117.
Kraft, B., Strous, M., & Tegetmeyer, H., 2011. Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution. Journal of Biotechnology, 155(1), p 104-117.
B. Kraft, M. Strous, and H. Tegetmeyer, “Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution”, Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 155, 2011, pp. 104-117.
Kraft, B., Strous, M., Tegetmeyer, H.: Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution. Journal of Biotechnology. 155, 104-117 (2011).
Kraft, Beate, Strous, Marc, and Tegetmeyer, Halina. “Microbial nitrate respiration - Genes, enzymes and environmental distribution”. Journal of Biotechnology 155.1 (2011): 104-117.

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