QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe

Ignatius J, Schwarz D (2001)
Physical Review Letters 86(11): 2216-2219.

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Ignatius, J; Schwarz, DominikUniBi
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We investigate a new mechanism for the cosmological QCD phase transition: inhomogeneous nucleation. The primordial temperature fluctuations, measured to be deltaT/T similar to 10(-5), are larger than the tiny temperature interval in which bubbles would form in the standard picture of homogeneous nucleation. Thus the bubbles nucleate at cold spots. We find the typical distance between bubble centers to be a few meters. This exceeds the estimates from homogeneous nucleation by 2 orders of magnitude. The resulting baryon inhomogeneities may affect primordial nucleosynthesis.
Physical Review Letters
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Ignatius J, Schwarz D. QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe. Physical Review Letters. 2001;86(11):2216-2219.
Ignatius, J., & Schwarz, D. (2001). QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe. Physical Review Letters, 86(11), 2216-2219. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.86.2216
Ignatius, J, and Schwarz, Dominik. 2001. “QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe”. Physical Review Letters 86 (11): 2216-2219.
Ignatius, J., and Schwarz, D. (2001). QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe. Physical Review Letters 86, 2216-2219.
Ignatius, J., & Schwarz, D., 2001. QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe. Physical Review Letters, 86(11), p 2216-2219.
J. Ignatius and D. Schwarz, “QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe”, Physical Review Letters, vol. 86, 2001, pp. 2216-2219.
Ignatius, J., Schwarz, D.: QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe. Physical Review Letters. 86, 2216-2219 (2001).
Ignatius, J, and Schwarz, Dominik. “QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous universe”. Physical Review Letters 86.11 (2001): 2216-2219.

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